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People-oriented, healthy life.
  "Hunan Renjian Concrete Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the core philosophy of Renjian Enterprise Group. The spirit of humanism. Emphasizes the value of people-centered. Respect people. Understand people. Care for people. Meeting people's needs is the fundamental starting point. Basic point. Runs through all levels of enterprise management, operation, service, etc. To build a century-old enterprise to build a scientific and reasonable spiritual and cultural foundation. People-oriented is the survival of the company. The foundation of development. Adhere to the talent strategy. Persist in understanding people. Respect and care for people and love people.Train people. Unite people. Build a harmonious enterprise. To achieve the common development of people and enterprises, always put the satisfaction of user needs in the first place. Always consider who my user is and what the user needs me to do. What have I done for users. What else can I do for users. Firmly establish the concept that quality is the life of an enterprise, and make it clear that quality is the decisive factor for the survival and development of an enterprise. Adhere to the quality brand strategy. Efforts to improve the comprehensive competitiveness with quality as the core. Keep up with the times.Reform all concepts, systems and methods that are not suitable for market economy and international competition. Adhere to the scientific development concept, take a new road to industrialization, and continuously improve concept innovation, management innovation, and technological innovation.
corporate vision:
◎ Create the most technologically rich concrete brand
Our Mission:
  Quality service is not only our commitment to society, but also our conscious behavior to provide products and services to customers and society. Enthusiasm, speed, flexibility, and serious consideration for customers, sharing the worries for customers reflects our own value.
core values of the company:
Team: All employees are of the same mind. The members not only have simple and simple interpersonal plots and brotherly friendship with each other, but also have the style of execution and out-of-put execution.

Responsibility:Employees are responsible for their posts, companies are responsible for employees, companies are responsible for customers, and companies are responsible for society. Establish a responsible corporate image of the group.

Integrity:Renjian guarantees compliance with national laws and regulations, social ethics, business ethics, industry rules, and social credit, opposes vicious competition, and eliminates corruption in business activities. People-oriented, with both ability and political integrity, so that every individual can shine in a position that suits him. Discover the market with a keen eye, develop the market with a persistent eye, and lead the market with a strategic eye.

Business purpose:

  Market-oriented, quality as the core, honesty as the criterion, and talent and technology as the foundation to create the highest value of the enterprise.


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